How can so many scientists be wrong on the age of the earth?

There are many believers in Christ who seek to “marry” a literal six day creation week with a view that the earth is millions or billions years old (the Gap Theroy); however the implication of holding to such a view undermines the authority of Scripture and the Gospel of Jesus Christ itself. THE ARTICLE LINKED BELOW will help you understand the importance of holding to a young earth view. Neither the Bible, nor science support an old earth view and would encourage anyone who who holds this view whether held publically or privately to abandon it and embrace with a believing heart the historical record of the age of the universe, earth and life itself as revealed to us in the pages of the Bible. Who are you going to believe, God and His special revelation, the Bible, or the secular scientist who refuses to interpret his observationsin in light of Scripture, much less acknowledge the Lord God, our Creator and Sustainer of that there is?

DON’T FORGET TO REGISTER FOR THE CONFERENCE ON BIBLICAL CREATION, MARCH 28, 2020. The topic will be: “Its in the Genes” – how genetics is destroying the evolution paradigm, while supporting the Biblical account of the origin of life on a young earth.


Source: How can so many scientists be wrong on the age of the earth? –

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