Reformation Gospel Ministries & RGM International Update – Praise and Prayer Requests

Many of our events, activities and all of our conferences were cancelled for 2020 due to the CoVid-19 pandemic both in the U.S. and Overseas; however, we have been able to continue to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through alternative means and the Lord is blessing these labors to His glory through Jesus Christ our Lord

  • The Gospel in the Park (“GiP”) outreach events on July 18th and August 15th were well attended (over 30 people in attendance at both – a 50% increase over last year’s attendance) – the messages were well received. We had some people from out of town at the August event, who expressed an eager desire to attend the September 19th GiP.
  • Creation Ministries Int’l has cancelled all speaking engagements for 2020; therefore, the Creation Conference has been postponed again to April 10th 2021 (same speaker – Dr. Robert Carter, same topic – “It’s in the Genes”); Lord willing, we will start a new round of advertising once we get closer to the April 2021 date.
  • RGM had a booth at the Sioux Center Farmers Market on August 12th – There were lots of people who came by and took a lot of our books and materials (we ran out of the children’s books). Lots of good conversations about the Lord.
  • We also had another booth on the 26th. While the response was good there also, we had to shut down early because the wind kept blowing everything away, including the canopy that was weighed down with 20 lb. weights on each leg.  
  • Lord willing, our next booth at the Sioux Center Farmers Market will on the 16th of September with one the last booth for the season scheduled for the 30th. We ordered more books to give away and some Spanish Bibles and articles; Please keep these outreach events in your prayers.

Future Scheduled Events/Activities:

  • Our last Gospel in the Park outreach for 2020 is scheduled for Saturday, September 19th from 6pm to 7pm – A gospel message will be delivered titled: “Are You Good Enough.”  Christian Postma, will be singing and playing his guitar again.
  • RGM (Rev. Stetler serving on the steering committee) is helping with organizing of the Tri-State Bible Conference that is going to be held at the Doon United Reformed Church in Doon, IA on September 24th and 25th from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm each night – we will also have a table at the conference, like we did last year
  • Lord willing, we will begin a Bible study on the book of Revelation drawing from Matthew Powell’s book, “Pulling Back the Curtain.” The Bible study will be promoted as “The Gospel According Revelation” – it is planned to begin October 13th and run through the fall and winter months
  • We plan to be back on schedule for our regularly scheduled activities and event for 2021, Lord willing – see the 2020/21 Schedule linked here

We are expanding our labors worldwide through Reformation Gospel Ministries International:

  • Praise the Lord:
    • Bibles and tracts sent to Liberia at the end of February have been received by Rev. Kartee in Monrovia Our first shipment received on September 9th
    • Bibles and tracts sent last month to NW India have also been received by the indigenous missionary and pastor (for security reasons his name will not be made public). We also sent some benevolent aid to the pastor there to help with food during the shutdown in that country. Just recently spoke with Rev. S there and he has agreed to translate the RGM tracts into the Hindi language
    • Received on September 10th; Shakshi, a member of the congregation, came over right away to receive one of the Bibles sent there She is excited about her new Bible
  • Prayer Requests:
    • The children’s wheelchair and more Bibles and tracts sent to Liberia at the end of July are expected to arrive in Monrovia at the end of September
    • A picture of the type of wheelchair on it way to Sharon
    • Rev. Kartee has invited Rev. Stetler to go to Liberia to hold an evangelistic ‘crusade’ – Please pray for the funding, as we would like to sent him there sometime in 2021
    • Working on another contact in India to help support his evangelism efforts on the southern end of India (for security reasons his name will also not be made public)
    • We are helping to organize a creation conference in Dublin, Ireland, working with Pastor Mark Fitzpatrick of the Aaran Reformed Baptist Church there. The conference is scheduled for May 22, 2021. Please pray that the Lord will provide the funding for Rev. Stetler to travel there the week before to help promote this very important conference .Rev. Mark Fitzpatrick
    • RGM Int’l is also working to help support a ministry work in Giessen, Germany. He was referred to it by Dr. Walicord who has taught at the Academy for Reformation Theology. Dr. Jurgen Klautke is the head of the academy (I met him personally last year and have spoken with him via Skype). We are working on the details of how RGM Int’l might be able to support his labors at the academy and the church that is closely connected to it in evangelizing their community. A creation conference is also a possibility. Rev. Stetler is also planning to travel there to obtain a closer look at what is being done – this will be done as soon as travel restrictions are lifted and the Lord provides the funding to cover expenses.

If you are not able to join us at the events, your prayers for this work will be greatly appreciated.

Click HERE to view and download the Schedule of Events and Activities for the rest of 2020 and and 2021 as of September 10, 2020.

Please consider supporting this ministry as we seek to spread the gospel the gospel:

Due to many of our events being cancelled this year we have experienced a significant drop in donations. So far this year, we have received $9,263 in donations. Though this is about $9,000 short of where we would like to be at this time, our expenses have not been as much as anticipated either. However, we are looking to increase the budget for next year (to about $40,000) because of our evangelistic efforts expanding overseas (we have been invited to Ireland, Germany and Liberia to help with evangelistic efforts in those countries), so we will need help from churches and individuals to meet that increased financial need. Together with your prayers, your consideration in helping to support Reformation Gospel Ministries and Reformation Gospel Ministries International will be greatly appreciated.

We are a faith-funded work and rely on God and the faithfulness of His people to continue this work and would humbly receive the blessing of your financial support. Reformation Gospel Ministries is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Your donations are tax deductible as allowed under the law.

To make a donation or begin making a monthly donation  – Click the “Donate” tab to select method of donation – Your monthly contribution of any amount will help greatly in accomplishing the work before us to spread the gospel message of Jesus Christ in 2020 and 2021

Reformation Gospel Ministries works in partner with local Reformed Churches in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is organized with an seven member board of directors consisting of Reformed ministers and elders, who desire to work together in spreading the biblical gospel message to those who sit in darkness, without hope. Rev. Richard is a minister of the Reformed Church in the United States under the oversight of its Covenant East Classis

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  1. On Sat, 12 Sep 2020 at 4:54 AM, Reformation Gospel Ministries wrote:

    > > Dear founder/ president/ Rev.Richard stetler/ brothers and sisters of > Reformation Gospel Ministries > Greetings to you all from pastor Syam Giddi, india. Thank you for the updates via e-letter. RGM is in my thoughts and prayers. I am sad at the cancelled crusades due Covid-19, and I praise God for the successful crusades taking place and the increased number of attendance. Our responsibility is to proclaim, let the Holy Spirit do the best in the listeners’ hearts to repent and accept the lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. I wish to hold an out reach/ closed market gospel proclamation event (under RGM banner) but I don’t know how far it’s going to be successful as we don’t have freedom to preach gospel on streets as it is anti Christian nation. I believe every thing is possible by faith & prayer in the name of Jesus. I am prayerfully looking forward to work on your behalf in southern part of india. India has wider scope and large fields still opened for gospel. It’s very hard to preach gospel. You can see in electronic and social media how pastors are persecuted, any how I am not afraid of any of these persecutions if REFORMATION GOSPEL MINISTRY stand beside with me. I need your prayer support. Hopefully my ministry would be fuel up after my marriage in 2021. I have big heart for preaching of the gospel, I have fully dedicated my life for Jesus until my last breath. I am requesting RGM to pray for me. I have been following your events. Thanks Rev. Richard stetler for accepting me on FB. Be assured of my prayers and the blessings of my good God lord Jesus Christ. Here I conclude with great expectation to listen from you. With much prayers &blessings Pastor syam Giddi humbly in His mission Yesayya krupa ministries, india 091 7207336749

    > > > > > > Reformation Gospel Ministries posted: ” > Many of our events, activities and all of our conference were cancelled > for 2020 due to the CoVid-19 pandemic both in the U.S. and Overseas; > however, have been able to continue to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ > through alternative means and the Lord i” > > > >


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