Reformation Gospel Ministries Annual Report for 2020

Still Spreading The Gospel of Christ . . .The Power of God to Salvation for everyone who believes” in Him – Romans 1:16

“Simon Peter answered and said, ‘You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.’ 17 Jesus answered and said to him, ‘Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah, for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but My Father who is in heaven. 18 And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.’” (Matthew 16:16-18 NKJ)

The truth that Jesus is “the Christ, the Son of the living God,” makes Him the “Rock” on which His Church will be built by the Holy Spirit working repentance and faith in the hearts of sinners through the preaching of His gospel. No human can stop Jesus Christ from building His Church. No principality, no power, no authority in heaven or on earth can prevail against what God has purposed; most particularly Satan and the gates of Hell that he sets up in an attempt to keep the gospel from reaching sinners, who are lost and sitting in spiritual darkness.

2020 was year that will be remembered as a year Satan did all he could to hinder the spread of the gospel of Christ on a global level. He worked diligently to set up “gates” using the Covid-19 global pandemic to discourage and dissuade God’s people from proclaiming the gospel. Through the use of “lock downs,” travel and mail restrictions and other gates of hell he sought to shut down churches, keep faithful preachers from preaching the gospel and evangelists from proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. He thought that if he could keep the redeemed saints of God from in-person fellowship and forcing the world to wear masks and practice so-called social distancing he could discourage the saints and cause them to fall into despair.  Though he thinks he is just as powerful as God, he is no match for the eternal, all-powerful, everywhere present living God, our Creator. After all, he is a created being and not a god, nor will he ever be a god. He is a fallen angel that is a defeated enemy – he has lost and the final victory belongs to God and His redeemed saints through Jesus Christ, who won our victory over the devil in His death and resurrection to the glory of God.

In 2020 many faithful churches continued to thrive as they stood against the gates of hell set up by Satan and his political minions. God blessed those churches greatly who sought to obey God rather than the commands of men in political power.

Reformation Gospel Ministries also remained strong as we sought to continue to spread the gospel of Christ in working with churches and other ministries both here in the United States and overseas on three continents; India, Africa and Europe. With Christ as our Rock, our Refuge and strength we were able to reach out to thousands of lost souls through direct evangelism efforts and indirect support of several other Reformed churches and ministries.

The following is a picture report of what we accomplished in 2020 and will also serve as indication of what we hope to expect in 2021 as we expand our labors in spreading the gospel message (the 2021 schedule together with the budget for the year is also included in this report as you prayerfully consider how you might be able help support this ministry):

Gospel in the Park:

We held 4 Gospel in the Park evangelism events during the summer; once in June, July, August and September. The events were well attended with about 20-35 people at each event, plus those listening in the surrounding areas of the park:

At each Gospel in the Park event a gospel message was preached by Rev. Stetler and there were gospel songs sung: Christian Postma sang and played his guitar at 3 of the events and a men’s chorus sang at one of the events.

The Annual Conference on Biblical Creation – “It’s in the Genes”

We had to postpone the conference twice because of CoVid-19 restrictions and the state from which the speaker was coming had an outbreak.

The conference is now scheduled for April 10th, 2021

There is no science to support evolution and genetics is the death blow to this philosophical hoax forced on the world through a dishonest and wicked scientific community

Tri-State Bible Conference:

Reformation Gospel Ministries was given the privilege of having a table at the conference with Dr. Joseph Pipa, Jr. speaking on “Worship: Imagination or Revelation?” on September 24th and 25th at Doon United Reformed Church, Doon, IA

Many books and material were given away without charge as believers were encouraged to reach out to their friends and neighbors with the gospel message.

Farmers Market

   We were able to have a table with Bibles, books and gospel tracts at 4 of the Sioux Center Farmers Market. With the help from Harlan Boer, a faithful volunteer, our presence was well received and the gospel was boldly proclaimed to the many men, women and their children people who visited our booth. Christians who came by the booth were encouraged in the faith and were an encouragement to us.     

The farmers market in Orange City had cancelled the non-produce vendors. We are praying that we will be able to have a table there in 2021.

We engaged in other activities to spread the gospel . . .

whether it was direct person-to-person declaration of the gospel or through online broadcasts.  We believe that hundreds, if not thousands, heard the gospel of Christ. The impact of RGM in its faithful and uncompromising witness of the gospel affected at least one person, who was converted from Islam to faith in Jesus Christ through the messages and literature of RGM. Brother Joseph’s testimony can be read on the below:

This leads us to what is happening in Liberia, Nigeria and India where RGM has been supporting evangelism efforts overseas


Reformation Gospel Ministries sent Bibles, books and humanitarian support to Rev. James Kartee in the Monrovia area of Liberia. His ministry, Rose of Sharon School and Church is one of the few Reformed ministries in Liberia:

  A wheelchair was sent to this little girl – Her parents can now wheel her around, no longer having to carry her to various destinations.

Requests for more tracts and Bibles have been made as the good news of Jesus Christ is much needed in a country steeped in superstition and witchcraft. Rev. Stetler has also been invited to go to Liberia to preach the gospel at a series of evangelism events. The Lord willing and the funding needed to go is available, he plans to go in September. Please keep that in prayer!


600 gospel tracts were sent to Eleazar in Nigeria in September:

Reference books, 6 Bibles and hundreds of tracts were also sent to Brother Joseph in another part of Nigeria in December.

More tracts and Bibles have been requested.


South India

Hundreds of RGM tracts translated into the Telugu language have been sent to Syam, a native of India and an evangelist in the southern region of India.  He has also requested more tracts for distribution events planned for 2021.

Syam faithfully distributed these tracts to villagers, and many have responded by the power of Holy Spirit to the gospel call to repentance of their idolatry and sin, and by faith come to Christ for their salvation.

Also, through the faithful preaching of the gospel many souls are being saved – more tracts are being prepared to send to Syam

In addition to the tracts sent to Syam, RGM helped with some humanitarian efforts in December. We provided some money to purchase sarees (an outer garment) for needy women in the villages.

North India, near the Himalayan Mountains

Many Bibles, books and gospel tracts were sent to north India; to a pastor who has been trained through a Presbyterian seminary and is the son of pastor.  As a native of India he is committed to reaching out to the people of north India with the gospel. We have a weekly prayer meeting through a video conferencing call.

The Bibles and gospel tracts have been well received and requests for more have been made as the thirst for truth and the gospel is growing daily.

Pastor S holds weekly worship services and discipleship classes. He also travels (with his wife and son) to the mountains and jungles preaching the gospel message.

In addition to the Bibles and tracts sent to Pastor S, RGM helped with some humanitarian efforts in December. We provided some money to purchase blankets for needy families and socks for children in the Himalayan Mountain villages and jungles.

Projects for 2021 . . .

. . . include more of what was done in 2020, plus we will continue to expand our outreach efforts into Germany and Ireland, as the Lord provides the resources to do so. We hope to be able to continue to help those in need in the areas where we are currently supporting with humanitarian efforts; however, these efforts will be limited to the resources provided through our supporters in God’s righteous Providence.


We hope to begin to provide support to the Reformed ministries in GieBen, just north of Frankfurt; the Reformed Academy and the mission church there. The academy is headed up by Dr. Jurgen Kaltke and the missionary pastor of the church is his son.

Rev. Stetler is planning to travel there this year in an effort to determine how RGM may be able work to help support these ministries in spreading the gospel of Christ.


Reformation Gospel Ministries, Lord willing, will be co-sponsoring with Araan Reformed Baptist Church a conference on Biblical creation in Dublin, Ireland. The conference is scheduled to be held on May 22nd at the Marine Hotel in the province of Dublin. There will be 2 speakers at the conference from Creation Ministries International – UK: Gavin Cox and Lucien Tuinstra.  Both will be speaking on how evolution runs counter to the Bible and is not supported by science. The gospel message will be declared that we pray God will use it to strengthen the saint in Christ and to bring unbelievers to faith in Christ for salvation. 

Rev. Stetler is also planning to travel to Ireland to help promote the conference. He has also been invited to preach at the worship service of the Araan Reformed Baptist Church the following Lord’s Day.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated – we know it was only through the grace of God and the prayers of His redeemed saints that we are able to reach out with the gospel message to the lost and those who sit in darkness through these various projects, working in conjunction with other ministries and churches and in sponsoring and conducting the various events during 2020. 

We look with great excitement to not only continue in our efforts in 2021, but also expanding our outreach projects that includes traveling to various countries. Your continued prayer support will be, again, greatly appreciated.

Rev. Stetler and the Board of Directors of Reformation Gospel Ministries wish to also thank of you who have supported RGM with your donations, without them we would not be able to do what we have accomplished. We are solely a faith supported ministry with the only financial support coming through the generous donations from individuals and churches. We pray that you will continue to support Reformation Gospel Ministries as our funding requirements have increased to over $39,000 for 2021. Reformation Gospel is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization – Your donations are tax deductible as allowed under the law.

Finally, we would like thank our volunteers. Though the activities were limited for the year, it is our volunteers who give up their own time to help with this ministry that makes a real difference. Rev. Stetler can’t do it alone, and volunteering your time is deeply appreciated. He would like to also thank the Board of Directors; each of whom give up a part of their busy schedules to help guide and direct this ministry as it seeks to labor to fulfill its mission of working with Reformed churches and other ministries in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Below is the RGM 2021 schedule of events and the budget for the year to help you know how you ought to pray for RGM and give of your resources to support this ministry.

Blessings to you all,

Rev. Stetler and Board of Directors

The following is the 2021 Schedule of Events and Activities, keeping in mind; “A man’s heart plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps.” (Proverbs 16:9 NKJ):

January –

7th – Board of Director’s Meeting; 8:00 p.m. Central time

February –

Nothing Scheduled

March –

17th & 18th – Indoor Market Fair, Sioux Center, IA – booth giving away Bibles, Books & Gospel Tracts

April –

8th – Board of Director’s Meeting; 8:00 p.m. Central time

10th – Conference on Biblical Creation“It’s in the Genes” – Dr. Robert Carter of Creation Ministries International, the speaker at the Terrace View Event Center, Sioux Center, IA

May –

May 3rd – 30th– Travel to Germany & Ireland

21st – 22nd – Tulip Festival Parade, Orange City – Tract Distribution on parade route

22nd RGM International’s Conference on Biblical Creation – Dublin, Ireland; Creation Ministries International Speaker at the Royal Marine Motel, South Dublin on the coast

June –

5th Gospel in the Park (Sioux Center Park – Band Shell) – Gospel message & music

12th – Sioux Center Summer Celebration Parade – Tract distribution along parade route

16th Sioux Center Farmers Market – booth giving away Bibles, Books & Gospel Tracts

19th Orange City Farmers Market – booth giving away Bibles, Books & Gospel Tracts

30th Sioux Center Farmers Market – booth giving away Bibles, Books & Gospel Tracts

July –

8th – Board of Director’s Meeting; 8:00 p.m. Central time

10th –Hull SummerFest Parade, Hull, IA – Tract distribution along parade route

14th Sioux Center Farmers Market – booth giving away Bibles, Books & Gospel Tracts

17th – Gospel in the Park (Sioux Center Park Band Shell) – Gospel message & music

24th Orange City Farmers Market – booth giving away Bibles, Books & Gospel Tracts

28th Sioux Center Farmers Market – booth giving away Bibles, Books & Gospel Tracts

August –

14st – Gospel in the Park (Sioux Center Park Band Shell)– Gospel message & music

21st Orange City Farmers Market – booth giving away Bibles, Books & Gospel Tracts

25th & 26th – Dordt University Taste of Sioux Center (to introduce students to businesses and ministry opportunities in Sioux Center and the surrounding areas) – Display table – a great opportunity to meet some of the students attending Dordt University

29th Sioux Center Farmers Market – booth giving away Bibles, Books & Gospel Tracts

September –

1st Sioux Center Farmers Market – booth giving away Bibles, Books & Gospel Tracts

3rd – 13th – Evangelism in Liberia

18th – Gospel in the Park (Sioux Center Park Band Shell)– Gospel message & music (if possible)

23rd & 24th – Tri-State Bible Conference – Table giving away Bibles, Books & Gospel Tracts

29th Sioux Center Farmers Market – booth giving away Bibles, Books & Gospel Tracts

October –

9th – Board of Director’s Meeting; 8:00 p.m. Central time

29th & 30th – Annual Reformation Conference“A Biblical Worldview & Evangelism” – The speaker needs Consistory approval

November –

Nothing Scheduled

December –

Nothing Scheduled

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If you are not able to join us at the events, your prayers for this work will be greatly appreciated.

We are a faith-funded work and rely on God and the faithfulness of His people to continue this work and would humbly receive the blessing of your financial support. If the Lord puts it in your heart to do so, you may make your tax deductible contribution either by check made payable to “RGM,” or by going to our website and making your contribution through PayPal. Reformation Gospel Ministries is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

Reformation Gospel Ministries works in partner with local Reformed Churches in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is organized with an eight member board of directors consisting of Reformed ministers and elders, who desire to work together in spreading the biblical gospel message to those who sit in darkness, without hope. Rev. Richard is a minister of the Reformed Church in the United States under the oversight of Covenant East Classis

2021 Budget

Estimated Donations Needed:$39,535.00
Estimated Expenses:
Number of Events:23
Estimated Event Costs:
Books & Materials for Distribution$3,725.00
Volunteer Honorariums$600.00
Salary (Rev. Stetler)$12,000.00
Office Supplies$400.00
General Advertising – Promotional$2,500.00
Telephone & Internet$290.00
Miscellaneous other Costs:$0.00
Government Fees, Accounting, etc$80.00
Total Estimated Costs:$39,535.00

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