Scripture Alone (Sola Scriptura) – Where Do you Stand?

The Reformation brought about the understanding that Scripture alone (Sola Scriptura) is foundation for faith and practice in the Church; it is the solid unshakable unchanging foundation of truth. And yet, today many churches have abandoned this Reformation cry, either only giving lip-service to this foundational measure of the Christian Faith or outright denying its authority by subjecting Scripture (Special Revelation) to man’s interpretation of nature (science), such as we see with Theism Evolution. The deception of Satan has infiltrated many churches and denomination that with the exception the veneer of Christian principles there is no difference between it and the Atheist’s worldview of the origin of life. In other words, many Christian and so-called theologians have redefined (refined?) what is clearly stated in Scripture concerning creation, as God’s revelation of the beginning of the world in six ordinary days. As a result, Theistic evolution (or progressive creation, or day-age theory) has caused and is causing many to doubt the authority of Scripture to give us an account of historical events; and has even resulted in many to change the meaning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, reducing it to a “feel-good” gospel that is all about what does and not what God has accomplished to save the sinner from the condemnation of sin. We are in a battle not just with a secular culture, but within our very churches; a battle for the authority of Scripture and ultimately the salvation of souls by grace through faith alone in Christ alone, according to Scripture alone to the glory of God alone.

The article linked below addresses this issue further:

Standing Firm in a Hostile Culture


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